Half a million laser shots later

Some people want to be ready for the bikini season, vacation, or even just wanting to eliminate leg hair to save time. Others feeling more confident in themselves by ridding themselves of the dreaded facial hair (which might I add is extremely common and nothing to be embarrassed about!). For the guys “man-scaping”, easing the winter back hair or tiding the neck area where many suffer from painful ingrown hairs. Most clients haven’t been prepared for the great results they get.
I’ve worked with IPL (intense pulse light, another mode of hair removal) in previous years and laser hair removal is a whole other level.
As a therapist learning a new modality I was skeptical of the claims that “laser” was making. Not wanting to over promise and under deliver. Especially when managing the expectations of a client who has suffered though painful and unsuccessful electrolysis for years or already spent a small fortune on IPL.
I can honestly assure anyone that Laser is where it’s at in hair removal. I have seen incredible results over and over again. I’m enjoying sharing the laser journey with my clients, the excitement it brings when we see the results. It has really made me appreciate what it is I work towards as a skin therapist and a laser technician. It’s all about achieving results together and new found confidence.

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