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The best place to start is at the beginning and any good skincare regimen kick offs with a killer cleanser that your skin is basically in love with. It might be considered ‘basic’ however the cleanser is really anything but.

Why we Cleanse

Cleansing helps hit so many skin goals like taking off makeup, lightly exfoliating surface dead skin cells, remove excessive build-up of pollution, oil, and sweat, maintaining pore size, helping treatment products work properly, and importantly, removing bacteria — washing with water alone is simply not enough. In most instances a double cleanse delivers the best possible end result. The first cleanse removes make-up and pollution and the second cleanse targets the skin type itself.

And while it’s recommended to double cleanse morning and night, end of the day cleansing is a non-negotiable for optimal skin health not to mention essential for prior to application of any Ultraceuticals treatment products as it helps to ensure that there are no barriers inhibiting the penetration of active cosmeceuticals.

 Why are there so many types of Cleansers?

While no two skins are created equal we can group skin into broader types that help our Skin Technicians prescribe the best products for your skin type.

Each of us are born with a predetermined oil flow on the surface of the skin. Oily Skin Types produce a higher volumes of oil and Dry Skin Types produce hardly any. Some individuals have a combination of oily and dry parts of the face and are classified as a Combination Skin Type. Your genetic skin type tends to stay the same for most of your life unless it’s influenced by illness or medication. Oily skins can find that their oil flow also decreases with age. Sensitive Skin Types tend to have a genetically weaker skin that is prone to allergies and are more prone to becoming sensitised than the other skin types. Having said that all skin types can become sensitised regardless of oil flow i.e.: Sunburn, over exfoliation, incorrect skin care. As a result of the various Skin Types and the level of sensitivity of each individual skin type at any given time, different cleansers have been designed to for fill different functions. Foaming cleansers tend to be more suitable for Oily or Combination Skin Types, some foaming cleansers are specifically designed to target Acne while others are formulated to have a brightening action on the skin and work well on normal to combination skin types. Milk cleansers are more suitable for a dry skin type and micellar cleansers are suitable for all skin types particularly sensitive skins and also work well a pre-cleansing solution that helps to remove the first layer of dirt allowing the second cleanse to work on a deeper level.

Meet the Family

The right cleanser is literally a skin changer and that’s why our Ultra Cleanse collection ticks so many boxes.

Let’s start with your morning routine and crossing our fingers and toes you haven’t slept with your makeup or sunscreen on, we’ll cleanse according to skin type. Oily skin will enjoy our Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser, dry skin will feel nourished with our Ultra Hydrating Milk Cleanser and acne/blemish prone skin will feel balanced with our Ultra Clear Foaming Cleanser. The Ultra Brightening Foaming Cleanser works well on normal to combination skin types that are concerned with hyperpigmentation. All skin types will enjoy a skin refresher throughout the day thanks to our handy Ultra Balancing Skin Mist which provides a hydrating boost to the skin surface.

Correct end of day cleansing is so important to your overall routine that you’ll soon become an expert in removing the day and treating the skin underneath. Whether it’s makeup, sunscreen or pollution, those skin treatment products you’ve invested in need the best base possible.

Our Ultra Soothing Eye Make-Up Remover and Ultra B² Micellar Solution gently remove dirt, excess sebum and make-up without stripping the skin, and followed by your favourite cleanser (above) set the scene for a great night’s skin sleep.

You might also like to switch up your routine a couple of days a week with our Ultra Gentle Exfoliating Gel that gently removes surface impurities, unclogs and minimises pores to reveal a smoother, brighter complexion.

To start your journey to your best possible skin and discuss the best cleanser for your skin type, visit your local Ultraceuticals expert clinic for a consultation with one of our qualified Skin Technicians.

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