COLIDAY aka Lockdown Skin

3 reasons why:


Stress is a recognised trigger for inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne, so it’s unsurprising that more people are reporting breakouts at this uncertain and very stressful time. Cortisol production is up which will in turn trigger increased sebum production.


Mindfulness, meditation and exercise are all great ways to relax and refocus. Reduce intake of food that causes inflammation ie sugar, diary and alcohol.


There are some positives of being indoors, such as avoiding pollutants and photo-ageing UV exposure. However, skin can begin to look sullen due to a lack of vitamin D.

Often called the ‘sunshine vitamin’, it plays an integral role in skin protection and rejuvenation. It is activated in the skin by UV-B light and is involved with skin cell growth, repair, and metabolism.

So it’s not surprising that with the heat pumps/fires going, our skin is not functioning at it’s best for the skin cells to turnover, thereby causing congestion and breakouts.


Supplement with Vit D (after consultation with your health professional).

Not many people take the time to properly exfoliate. Exfoliation can help remove the build-up of dry skin likely to be caused by moisture-sucking heat-pumps. Continue to increase your water & Omega 3 intake and only exfoliate up to 2 times per week. It will also enable your serums to penetrate deeper and work better.


With flours and yeast selling out before lockdown, kiwis are baking and cooking up a storm this lockdown! “Evening rewards” such as sweet treats and alcohol are also likely to contribute to inflammation causing breakouts, redness etc.


Eat real food, nutrient-dense, unprocessed and as close to nature as possible.  There are also two amazing ingredients that are likely to be sitting in your cupboard which can help reduce inflammation. Ginger and turmeric have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.


As a specialised skin clinic, we have access to science backed skincare products and devices to help your skin recover.

We have designed a bespoke Skin Recovery Plan.

Step 1: Purchase Home Prep Aspect Dr Skin Essentials Kit to prep skin for 2-3 weeks.

Step 2: Upgrade to Skin Recovery Workout Level 1,2,3  with advice with Groomers via virtual skin consultation.



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