Dry or Dehydrated

Our skin is made up of 70% water – around  20-30% of that is in the epidermis (top layer of the skin) and normally the water-lipid  film acts as a regulator and barrier – retaining moisture and protecting against harmful bacteria. If the lipid barrier is compromised, the moisture in the epidermis evaporates quickly and the normal, healthy state of the skin is impaired and hence the term impaired barrier function.

Caroline Hirons, a UK Skincare Expert has summarised the below beautifully!

Dry Skin – normally a skin type* but can be a temporary skin condition

  • caused by lack of oil in the skin
  • small pores
  • ‘tight feeling
  • may be flaky
  • milia, blackheads and spots may still be present
  • skin looks dull
  • skin is not plump
  • doesn’t absorb products easily
  • easily irritated – more likely to suffer reactions to products
  • aggravated by poor skincare

Dehydrated Skin – is a skin condition affecting any skin type – including DRY

  • caused by lack of water in the skin
  • pores can be large or small
  • skin feels tight and dry although it can confusingly sometimes look oily and have breakouts
  • absorbs moisturisers really quickly
  • blackheads and spots are still visible
  • makeup disappears (and goes patchy) throughout the day as the skin is absorbing any water in your foundation 
  • skin looks ‘ashen’
  • aggravated by lifestyle circumstances – may suffer from a lot of headaches

At Groom we have a bt-analyze device which uses advanced technology to calculate the moisture content levels of the skin. This device is used in multiple zones of the face to clearly define the needs of each area.





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