My makeup free holiday

Anyone that knows me know I’m a make up girl. Mostly because I love the process. It’s the only time I actually spend on my own all day. I have a background in art and the application is, for me, relaxing and let’s face it, the end result is good! I also consider it my war paint. It’s not that I don’t like my regular face or suffer from low self esteem, but it preps me for the day and I guess it does boost my confidence, in a “putting your best foot forward' kind of way. I don’t like to go without it.

You might also know I have beautiful friends. Not only on the inside, they are stunning ladies. It seems these beauties just wake up like that. Youth, genetics, whatever it is it seems to only take them a shower to prep for the day. They even have good hair. Thinking ahead to my holiday I started considering my routine. There are plenty of lifestyle choices that don’t contribute to glowing skin that I wasn’t prepared to compromise that were going to impact my desire to be a “natural beauty”. Where to start. Here’s what I’m up against.
Internally- over indulgence, both food and beverage were going to induce breakouts and eczema etc, my poor over worked liver! Then there’s all the environmental factors. Sunshine, we followed that around Central Otago, sorry to say Dunedinites. Wind, you’re going to get that on boats and racing around on go karts. Air conditioning, in the cars road tripping and keeping the houses cool. Last but possibly not least for me is Allergies. Sore runny eyes, itchy skin, if you get hayfever you’re hearing me now.  (All of the above would also wreak havoc on make up going on well and staying on well.)   

Now I already do most of the right things when it comes to the topical application for my skin so I had a head start. Around 8 weeks before Christmas I got serious. I swapped out my gentle Vit A serum for Cosmedix X-cell. A prep product for more advanced treatments and booked a Photofacial (IPL)  session with Cherie. I got serious about my routine. No I’m tired, I’ll just skip tonight, slack attitude wasn’t going to cut it. I never missed a night of eye cream and Flashlash (it’s an amazing growth serum for eyelashes) I used an extra hydrator underneath my morning moisturiser with SPF 50. I actually used the Bestow beauty oil I was using to fill a space in the fridge door and I took a probiotic supplement.

Keeping in mind I was already pretty good, even I was surprised, within 3 weeks I had no sign I’d ever had eczema. My skin wasn’t itchy from hayfever and my skin was looking amazingly hydrated. Thanks Bestow Beauty Oil. At 6 weeks I had my Skin Rejuvenation Advanced with Cherie. Boom! capillaries gone. I had minor post inflammation for a couple of days. Easily concealed with make up. By day 3 I had plumped allowing skin. In the next week I had my eye lashes, now super long (thanks Flash lash) tinted the darkest black. And the lovely Leah Dermalplanned my face, gently exfoliating and removing vellous hair.

Holiday time. I was so excited! I packed a “first aid kit”. Hydrating SPF (not the yucky supermarket stuff. Cosmedix Peptide Rich Defence is full of goodies and it feels great), Coola Mineral SPF for body, antihistamines and various other hangover cures. AND my secret weapon Cosmedix HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator. It instantly plumps and smooths while supporting the skins ability to hold hydration.  Easily a late nights best defence (coming soon to Groom!).

I can honestly say after my 8 week training programme my now “fit” skin held it’s own. No breakdowns or tantrums despite all the challenges the rest of me put it through. Practicing what I preach really paid off. Reviewing/improving habits and routine an adding treatments made all the difference. It was freeing.

Now I guess there could be some debate as to whether I was exhibiting “natural beauty” quite in the same way as my beautiful friends? Tattooed brows and eyeliner, tinted lashes grown with aid of a serum, and every manner of serum to get the best from my skin. Regardless, I couldn’t care less. Re applying SPF was a breeze, if I wanted to wipe streaming eyes from hay fever, I didn’t end up a hot mess. I’d done my best and was delighted to substitute my morning make up schedule for a full cooked breakfast! Everyday!!

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