3 IPLs later - skin journey of a 40 something

Mrs X came in our clinic early April needing some advice on ways to address her concerns, which are uneven skin tone, pigmentation and redness.

After a thorough skin health consultation, we recommend a course of IPL treatments, only after prepping the skin for 4 weeks with cosmeceutical grade skincare to maximise results and minimise any adverse reactions (if any).

Tara, our skin therapist recommended Cosmedix Elite XCell+ which is a Repair & Restore multitasking serum which brightens and gently exfoliates to reveal a smoother, more even-toned appearance. Key ingredients are Niacinamide, Whitonyl,Nonapeptide, Waltheria and Retinol.

2 weeks later, Mrs X was loving the difference in her skin with Xcell and wanted more arsenal in her skincare regime. 

We recommended Ultraceuticals C 23 serum this time as we want to address the collagen loss that leads to sagging and fine lines and wrinkles.

Bingo! We are on our way to healthy skin with these 2 skin saving vitamins.

Did it work?

The end result saw redness reduced, pigmentation lightened and the superficial capillary damaged repaired. Mrs X found that there's no downtime and results apparent after 5-7 days - after the Miloing falls off (pigment brought to the surface looks like flakes of Milo). She is thrilled and amazed with the results  and felt that was the condition of her skin when she was in her 30s.

A course of 3 or 4 is recommended depending on previous sun damage. Mrs X is considering another session to shift those remaining pigmentation.

Did it hurt?

Mrs X was surprised it wasn't that zappy. "Areas closer to my eyes were very bright and Tara kept me informed all the way and I felt safe.", says Mrs X when asked about the experience. The sensation felt like hot rubber bands flicking but the cooling tip of our ELOS Plus device took away that sensation just as quickly as it came.

How it works? 

IPL/ Intense Pulse Light works when it is absorbed by a target. Find out how it works here.

What we recommend:

Mrs X uses SPF 30-50 + every day without fail to protect her investment.

Regular follow up consultations with Tara ensures her skincare is always going to give her the best results possible.

Consider another session of IPL or a course of Dermapen to further refine the texture of the skin and to stimulate collagen production.



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